Oly Bunny loves NY vs Paris
I've been m.i.a since a few weeks i think, but im back. So yesterday I took some photos of my friend Maggie.
We went to the street, and It was alredy to dark, so first we took some of the photos with colour, but i didnt liked them that much..

What i do love is that they kinda look like NY. But we decided to try B&W with no flash. Here they are.

I love this one on the left.

I love this two!

I dont know what's with this photo, but i actually like it A LOT.

Tha street was the most insecure place for us to take those photos, cuz we were alone, and it didnt look that friendly cuz almost every place was closed for the day.

model name: Maggie Ivancic
ph: Hernan Martin Chavanne (as always, hahaha)