Bunny city.
So i have some old photos to upload, but im kind off like refused to upload them, haha, cuz I KNOW that uploading them here, means i have to upload a selection for flickr, and then a MORE SELECTIVE one for deviantart.. and being such a procastinator doesnt help me AT ALL! But, here they are (Y)

I still have a photoshoot to upload.. i worked with a couple of fashion producers, but i think i dont like the photos that much.. they are supposed to be inspired by the 50's.. so, will see.

Tomorrow i am getting finally a haircut.. im planing on shaving my head.. IM SICK OF MY HAIR! hahaha..

Oh, by the way, i saw this a few hours ago.. and i  really like it!

listening to right now: Soulwax - Compute