Last from summer

 As it happens to all.. with no exception.. we change.. we constantly evolve..That been said, let me share with you some of my lately thoughts about my photography life.
Like a month ago, i realise something.. I dont drive (i dont have a license) so, it was expected the fact that i wanted so much to go on vacations to the coast.. I few months ago it was my only chance to take photos on real locations.. places i really wanted to use..  It still is.. I dont drive, and i dont know when im going to get my license, cuz i barely understand how to use a car.. I have limitations, im not a profesional fashion photographer.. I dont have a job, im studying arts, etc.. So, what i've decided, is that, im going to start building my studio.. and im not going to take any more photos outside until i get my license, hahah.. I need to learn how to work with the things i have.. I wish i could explain it better, but right now my english isnt working, hahah.