Today, and Yesterday

First, this two photos, and the final one at the end, were shooted last week, a few days after i made the test shoot with her. I love improvising with clothes, hahah.
Now, i got a few things to tell. I started building my "studio" (well, i alredy have it, now i have to make the cyc) That happened on monday, I had to work a lot, it was extremely exhausting. To make it worst, i had classes yesterday. It was my first day, everything turn out fine, except that I burn my tongue with a vanilla latte from starbucks while i was running to get on time, hahaha. Then, i went to a few photography stores, and after saving some momey, i bought two "new" lenses for my camera, A 29mm and a 55mm. IM IN LOVE with the 29mm, and the 55mm seems to be way better than my 58mm. I dont know that yet, but its something i believe, cause even though i love russian lenses, the japanese ones are kind of like always better.
Today i had my make up class, i was kind of cool and I got rejected from my psicology class due to vacancy. It felt awfull..