Own tiny studio
 I wrote this like a week and a half ago [...] I thought this moment would never come. I mean, you wait for something so long,
and obviously  you start thinking, "maybe it wont happen". I've been expecting this since last year.
I went to different places, searching for the materials, and how much they cost, but i never ended buying anything.
Everything was so unsure. I didnt knew if it was my fault or my parents, cuz after a long time, you also think
"maybe its me, maybe deep inside of me, i just dont want it and thats why its not happening"
Finally, last week i manage to buy the materials, and after some issues (somehow, in my life, everything comes with issues attached!)
and almost fights, i did it..well, WE did it. My parents helped me, and we build my studio. I was scared at first, cuz my dad came up with a different plan on
how to make it, an "easier" one, but i thought that everything was going to crash down and i was going to die under this huge wall that would fall on me, hahah, YES, i think
i discovered a new fobia, hahah. Luckily, that didnt happened. I know why my dad wanted to do it his way, we knew that, if in the future we wanted to take it all, it was going to be
easiear.. I know he kind of  knows what my plans are when it comes to staying in my house, after all, im alredy 20 years old. Not only i want to move out to another house, i also
want to move out to another country. He just wanted this to be what i needed, and still be something easy to take if needed, cuz we both know im not going to use it for THAT long. [...]

No, i dont have photos of my studio, its acutally kind off hard if you dont have a fisheye, But last week i had  two photoshoots, so you can see it working, hahaha!

listening to: La Madrague - Brigitte Bardot