A big mess!
Finally, im leaving my job, I think this is going to be my last week, so im getting ready for my summer vacations! Christmas its in a week and I have TONS of things to do before leaving to the coast. Im actually making a list of everything i need and everything i have to do since my head is kinda a mess and trying to organize everything in my brain doesnt work, so i figure that making a list would be a good idea, and it works!
Obviously, im not putting that list in here cuz its not important or relevant, but let me tell you guys that im the type of guy that plans almost everything. Its like my head creates diferent images of what am i going to do and i get prepare for those moments you know... Im crazy, I know!
And today i want to show some photos I took like while ago, maybe 3 months? who knows. The thing is that i've never uploaded them cuz the hole photoshoot was for a uuniversity assignment of a friend  and a magazine but I think it never got out, and i had the chance to shoot with this AMAZING model but, heres the thing, the photos, i didnt like them at all. She needed me to take some photos with a kinda vintage mood, and colors, flash directly to her face, and i mean, those are not the kind of photos I like to take, they dont represent me at all. This is not the first time im not uploading a photoshoot because it doesnt represent me. I think sometimes you have to do something that you dont like in order to do something you DO like. Thats life.
Since the first change was the only one without a flash directly in front of her, I decided to edit again those photos but the way i wanted and here are the final results!

Photographer: Hernan Martin Chavanne
Model: Fran-E from Visage Models
Assistant: Noelia De Mena (she made a film, If i ever got the chance to see it i will definitely upload it!)
Styling: Romina Ferrari