and it's a boy!
I just realised that I'm now a post away from a hundred post's, and it sounds so crazy, at least for me!
Another subject, a few weeks ago (I did talked about this) I was kinda sad, some issues with love, etc. So, a few weeks ago I went out, and had this AWFUL nigh, but luckily the next day I had the chance to shot a new friend a made, and it's a boy! hahah So funny cuz lately all I was talking about is how I need to start shooting more boys cuz I don't want my portfolio to become (maybe) boring. So he came all the way to my house, where I have my little studio and did sort of like a Test Shoot (at least that is the way I like calling it, cuz for me that's exactly what it is, a first test) We had so much fun, we laughed so much, and not only I had the chance to shoot a guy, get some cool pictures, but at the same time I had the chance to have some fun, clear my mind, It was simply a really cool Sunday (you don't get that from most Sunday's haha)
So this is the final result, as always, I expect you guys to like it.

ph: Hernan Martin Chavanne
model: Juani Baudino

Now Im going to go watch Trainspotting (1996) for the first time! hahah

Au revoir!