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First of all, I'n listening Bohemian Rhapsody right now, and is SUCH a good song, it puts me in this great mood. Anyway's, life kind of sucks lately. I'm not working, so I have so much spare time to work on my own projects and ideas, and shooting with people I already worked with. At least I'm not the only one in this awful place, cuz it seems the hole country is going through a really bad time, so there's not that much work (if there's even anything) So basically  I'm dying here, hahaha.
And you know what, I started artistic gymnastic's.. yes, me, AT THIS AGE, hahaha. But it's so good, its almost like going to the gym but more entertaining cuz you work out a lot but at the same time they make you stretch a lot to. Obviously I don't plan on going anywhere with this, I'm old, but since I always loved it, I decided "why not?" and it's SO GOOD!! Now I need to cut my hair like Marcel Nguyen and I'm done, hahahah. (isn't that hair cut amazing?)
Now, going to photo thing I always do (cuz I always make a post when I have work to show mostly) Im going to show a photoshoot I have like 2 days ago, or 3? It's so weird to post anything so soon since I always took so much time with the processing stuff, but they're ready, I'm ready, so lets show them!
Hope you like them.

ph: Martin Chavanne
model: Danila Magri