Catedra Limido

A few days ago I had to shoot some backstage pictures at a Runway show from the students of the Palermo University.
It was quite a lot of hours and I had a terrible headache but the concepts they had were pretty cool. The boys were kinda like local street inspiration and they had to transform some old denim jackets too.
The girls were a mix between japanese and space, Its a shame that I only got to shot with only one girl due to timing. I got to shoot with a lot of boys though. The thing is that, not only I shot backstage, but we took the models around the university a shot some pictures, and it turned out really awesome.
Since I was on my own, improvising, I made them look really still and robotic. I dont know, I just love how it turned out. It was shot with the natural lights from the diferent rooms which looked a lot sometimes like hospital light.

 Listening: Dragonette - Rocket Ship