The good side..
Sometimes, even if you try hard, things con still go the wrong the way. Sometimes, you'll gonna find rocks, giant rocks in your way, but once you get through that let me tell you, its worth it. Last week was Buenos Aires fashion week. My camera got broken during one fashion show, the only show I had been asked to cover, it was awful but somehow the designer ended up being really happy with the pictures I got.
I though "ok, I broke a mirror a few days ago, maybe my camera got broken because of that" hahah. Maybe its silly, but I really though that. The thing is that even though what happened, I didnt got upset, I mean, its a camera, those things happen and I manage to see all the good things and then I realise it was just a step foward, out with the old, in with the new!
I'm getting a new one, and Im gonna be able to make films which is awesome. Thanks to this I got to go to a lot a fashion shows not as a photographer but as an spectator and that allow me to finally chat with people, live the moment and see it with my own eyes, it was beautiful. And the last photoshoot I had with my camera turn out to be really popular, and I want to finally share it here now.
Basically, when you learn to see the good side.. life can be pretty much amazing. Enjoy!

ph. Martin Chavanne
model. Ana Chavanne (yes, she's my sister, and also a Dj)

listening to: cover's from Tyler Ward.