I havent been doing that much lately.. i did took some photos, and im uploading them in this very moment, on flickr.. mm, but i dont know, im not in my best day/week.. i had some ups and downs.. a few.. maybe a lot more than i think.. and they are all related to the same kind of stuff.. friends.. and relationships in general, i think that.. i dont know, i guess that been disapointed isnt my strenght, but lately it became something normal.. at least for me. I cant give much details about my situation, so im just going to show you some photos i took last week and i should probably go to sleep.. Cuz i have to wake up early to finish my application papers for the university.. im nt in college anymore since a month ago, and tomorrow is kind off like a big day, or at least an important one. So take a look at this, and... i dont know.. i will see YOU (my very first and only follower) soon.. i expect!