Happy friends day
Hi, here i am again, after i dont know how long (?) soo, yesterday was THE friends day, here in argentina, so i met with two of my closest friends and we hang out for a while.. but before i show you the picture from yesterday, let me tell you about my week, or i dont know.. cuz i dont even remenber what i told in my preview post, but who cares!? so, i have actually a lot of photos to show, cuz i, AGAIN, forgot to upload them, so now i have a lot.. well, its not like A LOT, its just.. a few, i dont know, maybe 20 or less..MAYBE.. i had a photoshoot from the 60's, wich i THINK i alredy told you guys, but because im not sure, i told you again.. and i had a photoshoot today, wich i think im going to upload those photos tomorrow, and i tell you all about it, BUT.. tomorrow.. haha! Soo, pictures from yesterday..

this is my friend dani.
theres always a way to be in the photos. Yes, THATS ME!

my friend euge.
So then we went to the park, actualy, we first went to this mm, really common place here in argentina called "Havanna" cuz, its winter here, and we went there to buy something hot to drink.. cuz theres no starbucks in my city sooo..theres not to many options, you can grab some latte, te, or capuchinno there, or you can go and buy something in mcdonals, but i dont like mcdonals that much :/ well, after getting the drink we head off to the park.
havanna (Y)