vampires vampires vampires
IM SO HAPPY TODAY! I finally got into lookbook.. it isnt a big deal for most common people, but it is for me.
I love fashion, and it is one of my biggest passion, along with photography, so i got really happy early in the morning when i woke up and checked my emails..I COULDNT BELIEVE IT! :D
Another thing happened to me today, i mean, i was sleeping actually, and YES i have a really weird dream. I dreamt with vampires..
So, i will basically try to tell you my dream in a very quick way.. like i said it was full of vampires, it started as i remenber with me on a very dark house, the house, it was full of EVIL vampires, and my brother was there (he was a vampire too), he was trying to teach me a way out of that house..
I dreamt with a subway station, full of vampires too.. mm, i had a motorcicle accident with a blond girl, wich i think it was a girl i saw on lookbook, she got up after the crash and desapear :S I went to the university trying to find her, and asking if anyone knew who was she. I remember she was 24 years old :S.
I went thru a mechanical stairs that where inside the uni to search for her. I couldnt find her. I saw more and more vampires everywhere, because they study there. Wich i think its a very VERY cool situation.
But, in my dream i knew that the vampires where killing students, because they where in sort of like a fight between opposite vampire sides..i was in love with this one particular vampire, which i know, because in real life, its a model.. the one that i love, and i wanted this vampire to bite me, so i could turn myslef into one of them.
I dont know, its kinda like a weird and really long dream to tell, but it was so amazing :/ And the worst thing.. is that it doesnt relate at all with twilight, cuz im not even interested in it, im not reading the books, i didnt saw the film that came out.. so :S i dont know..
What i can say, is that i REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS PARTICULAR DREAM! I thought it was kinda amazing!
So, now that i finished with my story, i will show you the pictures i took two days ago, with my friend maggie. She wants to be a model. Take a look.