What ever it takes..
Like we all know, we are in the middle of the fashion weeks, the best part of the year i think.. haha..
But, before i talk about that, i have to show you guys, the NEW ME.. I decided, since i saw that my work wasnt getting anywhere, that i had to come back to what i really love.. and its fashion photography, inspired by vogue, and such amazing editorials they always have. So, i found, wich i think, its my new favourite model, Irina Kerekes. I decided to make a really simple shoot, because it was the first we had. Here are the final four photos.

I hope you like them!
And, talking about other things, I saw Mary Katrantzou and Vera Wang shows, and i thought they were spectacular! Amazing clothes! LOVE THEM!
AND I got really adicted to this song, from Ladytron.. Destroy everything you touch. hahah, i know its kinda old by now, but I just can get it out of my head.
Ok, nothing else to say, im heading off!