Long Time
Wow! Its been a really looooooooong time. The good thing about this, is that i've been busy with photoshoots, but at the same time, i had some really awfull troubles in the past weeks.. well, actually.. the past month and a half, hahah. My computer stoped working, and at the same time i had the photos stucked inside.. so i couldnt edit those until i got my computer woking again, and etc. So basicaly now i have 5 photoshoots to edit, wich will take me a really long time..The photos im going to show you now, were actually taken more than month ago, haahah.

And i have to say.. it was VERY hard to edit this photos (actually I didnt edit them that much) cuz, after more than a month watching the photos without being able to retouch them you kinda loose the excitement.. I dont know, its kinda hard to explain it.. maybe other photographers will understand me..and, at the same time, what you felt the very first day, its not the same of what your feeling a month after. I mean, I KNOW for sure, that my thoughts arent the same.. in a month i've changed a lot, i became more eccentric, really. Cuz my last photoshoot i had on friday, was really what i wanted in a long time.. but still, i love this photos, cuz in every photoshoot i learn SO MUCH it cant explain.
Im taking a break now, an afternoon snack, haha.
Love ya!