I found it so hard sometimes

She is my biggest challenge i think sometimes.. getting an expression in her eyes, or trying to steal a moment from her its so hard i cant explain..Shes Danila, one of the many friends i still got from high school..
After this shoot i realise that i need to remind myself that this are my friends, and im forcing them to act in from of a camera.. and they're not used to that..
As i always say, theres something to learn from every photoshoot. At the same time, finding the right balance between whats natural and whats produced its really difficult.. i found it so hard sometimes.. I need let myself flow with the moment instead of fighting against it..

Summer is really close, this is the last day of november, i cant wait any longer.. i need to get out of the city. I had a lots of plans for summer (and yes, im talking about photography).. two months of pure natural lighting photo shoots.. The beach, the forest, the abandoned houses, the road.. I need all that, i just cant breath here in the city.
And i need to make the summer worth it, after all, its the beast season to take photos. I was just thinking about that last night, when the sun was vanishing in the horizon at 20:30pm to show up again at 5:30/6am in the morning.
I know that summer isnt until 3 weeks more, but I hope to be able of doing that..right now i just cant stop thinking about it, and its imposible not to make any more plans, hahhaha.