Nirrimi, a true Inspiration.
[...]much of society seems to think there is a 'right' way to live life. a formula. finish school, go to university, climb the career ladder, get married, settle, buy a house, have children, have granddchildren, retire, die. it's strange that something so outdated is so widely spread. i was told i would never become a photographer if i didn't finish school. people my own age sometimes ask, why are you acting like an adult when you're so young? shouldn't you be out partying and actually being a teenager? because there is a right way to be the age you are! well i guess i am a rebel by not being rebellious then. isn't it all ridiculous? sometimes i think about this and ache to be brave and push aside my fear. and so i'm going to be loud about what i'm passionate about, even if i'm not supported. [...]

This is something writed by Nirrimi , a beautiful photographer younger than me. She really is an everyday life inspiration.. and she can take photos that will blown your mind.

She did the controversial campaign of diesel, the one full of university library fantasies! Here a few examples

more photos from her..

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