Let it snow
Christmas its sooo close!! We dont have snow for christmas in argentina, cuz its actually summer here, hahah.
 But right now im listening Christmas with the RatPack which is a lovely album full of songs sang by frank sinatra, dean martin and sammy david Jr. and it feels almost like a christmas movie.. sooo, i dont need snow for christmas while i have this album with me, hahah.
We are decorating the house with my mom, YAY! which means that i WILL probably make a post about it with pictures of the hole thing, ahahah..
And talking about pictures, i have a new photoshoot to share :D.. its (i think) the most extravagant shoot i've ever done.. The hair, the make up, the clothes.. i dont know its something kinda weird, but in a really cool way.

 And theres one more picture, that im only uploading because i can see my knee and one foot in the mirror! hahaha :P

Au revoir!