Going blind with the summer sun
I've been a little bit distracted lately, or maybe stressed out, dont know yet, haha, cuz Im leaving in 4 days, so i have 3 days to finish EVERYTHING i need for my summer "vacations" (i have SO MANY SHOOTS PLANNED!). I have to sew a lot of thing, i need to get done a lot of accesories, i have to print my portfolio, cuz i add two new photoshoots to it (they were planned, but i didnt thought about it clearly knowing how manny time i had left) I've finished with a lot of things from my "to do" list, so im a little bit more relaxed now, and the rest should be piece of cake. Im pretty well organized. AND OH! I HAD A HAIR CUT TODAY! (?) haahhaha, I love it, its perfect for summer, i was so scared this afternoon, god, i thought that it was going to look awful, but it didnt, it turned out perfect! So yeah, luckily everythings turning perfect this days :)
Now, I present you.. LUBA! She's one of the many friends i still got from high school, shes not a model, but she has this really unique bone structure that shoots really well. We had a lot a fun, :P I think that i made her go blind, hahaha, and i went blind too shooting her, hahah.. Summer IS perfect for taking photos, but its AWFUL for your eyes, hahahha.