Be creative!
Hello again. Today is extremely rainy and grey, it started in the morning and now I just dont know what to wear, hahah. I was supposed to wear this black suade shoes from forever21 tonight, but I don't know if its possible anymore with all the streets covered in water, hahaha. Im really looking foward to this party since I've never had the chance to go cuz I was always busy, and the last one I was traveling, so I really REALLY want and need to go to this one, hahaha.

Talking about other things, Im doing this photoshoots for a hair salon called "El club creativo" (The creative club) about girls (models) coming to the salon, and getting ready, etc etc, and finishing with a night look. Obviously, the photos are more "documenting" they're day in the salon. So I always shoot some photos apart from that, more like a test shoot since they're models, and I mean, we are alredy shooting so why not, haahaha.

Ph. Hernan Martin Chavanne
model: Nadina Turani (121 group), Sofia
Stylist: Sofia Etchebarne / Agustina Prinsich
Hair & Make Up: El club Creativo

listening to: Breathless - Alex Goot