A few months ago..
Sometimes, some things take a few months to take live, not because I didn't want them, but because I didn't had time to work on those things. I'm obviously talking about photos, and edition, I'm mean, what else could I be talking about, hahaha. Basically, I shot this few pictures back in February, but then I started getting a lot of work, didn't know when to work with this pictures and 2 shoots more I had, so I left them in the dark till now! I'm a little bit more free this days so I'm trying to keep up with the rhythm etc.. 
Like I said on previous post's I'm doing some shoot's for a hair saloon and also, some look books for a webpage, so I am busy, but also, being a procrastinator doesn't help at all, hahahah.

Here are the few pictures I have so far.
ph: Hernan Martin Chavanne
model: Danila Magri (you already know her, but with eyebrows, hahah)

 Oh, and also, this are the shoes I made with my own hands, so weird right? She never wears heels so she couldn't walk in them, hahaha.

Listening to: We are Young - Fun