Love love love..
Uff! A lot has been going on in my life lately, I would prefer not talking about it, but I guess I should, since, if you read this, maybe its because you are interested in who I am, and what I do. Last Saturday I had probably one of the worst nights ever, I even dropped a tear, all that, because of love.. maybe not love, but because of someone that I thought was love. It's funny how I always laugh about how cupid must hate me since there's no one special in my life, but years gone by and suddenly you find yourself, lost in the middle of a night club, alone, watching someone you like with someone else, your friends aren't there, you cant find them, and all you can do, is THINK about that person. I hate been sad, and things like that, cuz its not the guy I like to be, and its certainly not the guy I want people to think I am. I wasn't this guy, I was never worried about love, or the people that surround me, but lately I'm kinda like falling down.. deep down in this hole. Everything's blurry, I don't know where to go, what to do. It's like, love is another planet, and I just don't have a map of it to guide me.
I'm obviously way cooler than this, and I'm going to find my way eventually, and everything's going to be fine, but I just wish that "eventually" to be sooner than I expect.
As always, I have a photoshoot to show that I had a few months ago.

ph: Hernan Martin Chavanne
model: Sofia Palucito