I think this is going to be very quickly, but I have to say it, I NEED TO, hahah. I HATE when the people that I use for shoots become misteriously "friendly" after the shoot..For example, they like EVERYTHING that you put on facebook, even when you know that they dont know what the hell are you talking about, because nobody knows but yourself (I put things like that on facebook all the time) Or they say Hi to you on mesenger all the time  even though that they dont have anything to talk about or say. AND YOU KNOW that they are doing all those annoying things just because they want they're photos.. so it feels not only annoying, BUT FAKE! Isnt it easier to ask me about your photos instead of doing all that?
Why do you ask me about  the weather for example when you know that its only an stupid excuse just to ask me then about your photos?
But heres when it gets MORE annoying.. IF I TOLD YOU that I have a lot of work, and I have a lot of shoots to work with before I can even touch a single photo of you.. why do you keep asking? Am I have to live with this annoying and fake friendly attitude of yours till i have you photos finished? WHY?
And the worst part, is that I took photos for free and I didnt ask you, you ask me and im doing you a favour because your my "friend", but you only want the photos to show yourself and try to make all your friends jealous.. and I know it.. because I know you. And its sad.

By the way.. It would be a total different situation If I would be the one asking her to pose for me... I would work harder and faster if I know I stole your time, because im grateful to those friends that come and use they're free time to pose for me. I cant afford agency models, so im grateful for my friends.