24th of december
This is my last photoshoot of december, this is kinda last minute, hahah, im uploading them quickly.. Shes Carolina, another friend of mine from high school.

And the last one, this is a photo that was meant to be funny, it actually is, cuz its kinda like hot bitch, hahah, but im uploading it cuz it looks really good, and makes carolina's body look like 10 feet tall.

 Finally! Today its 24th of december (obviously, haha) and Im leaving tomorrow! YAAAY! Yes, im one of those who travels on christmas day, but its not exactly as you think, cuz christmas in Buenos Aires is kinda different.. We celebrate on the night of 24th, and we wait till midnight to open de presents, and there's fireworks, and then theres party, clubs, etc etc.. you choose! ahahah Its not like we dont do anything the next day.. well, at least in my family we dont anymore, when we where young we used to go to bed after opening the presents, and the next day the family used to gather all again to have lunch, and spend the day together.. but we dont do that anymore, cuz its kinda hard.. If you go to a bar after christmas eve party, its really difficult to get up, and look good the next morning you know, hahaha.  I know that im going to take lots of pictures tonight, and as i always do, i will put them on facebook, but if i have time, i will try to put a few in here, or dont know, at least a photo of myself.. I really dont know.. But i will try to post something before i go cuz im leaving tomorrow morning.
And on the other hand, I have to say that im SO happy, everything turn out as i wanted this days, and thats a lot to ask nowdays here. I even had time this morning to go shopping cuz I didnt had bought the presents for my mother and i was kinda worried, but now im so relaxed. I still need to finish a few things, but im not worried about them cuz its not that important, and I HAVE TO PACK! I dont want to!! hahaha, its not like i hate packing, but i hate having to fold the cloths.. right now im looking at my rack and WOW, i dont even want to think about it hahah.